Why I Love Famous Dave’s #5: Free Dessert for Completing Survey

Have you ever filled out one of those surveys at the bottom of your receipt? “Complete our 32-minute survey and you have a chance in a billion at winning five bucks!”  Yeah, right, like I’m going to take the time to do that.  But at Famous Dave’s, they’ve got a survey offer that’s hard to refuse.

If you’re one of the lucky ones to get a survey on your receipt (and it seems that they’re pretty generous with the surveys), you get a free dessert on your next visit to Famous Dave’s.  And I’m not talking some tiny little thing.  It’s any dessert off their menu.  We usually always opt for the Kahlua brownie sundae.  It’s enough for all of us to share.  Sadly, at times I’ve purposely NOT filled out the survey just to help my waistline.

Sure, you’ve got to dial the phone to do the survey, and if you answer too fast the voice on the other end will ask you to please listen to the entire question before responding, but where else are you guaranteed something delicious for your time?

(Note:  Free dessert offer at participating locations only.  In Mankato, my offer was for a future $3 discount at select Famous Dave’s location.  Hmmmm… hard, cold, cash, or dessert?  I think I prefer the sweet stuff!)


4 responses to “Why I Love Famous Dave’s #5: Free Dessert for Completing Survey

  1. jaynepomuceno

    Oh, yeah, that’s an awesome perk! Pecan pie is our weapon of choice.

  2. I have one from a couple weeks back we haven’t filled. My husband’s eyebrows shot up when I showed the receipt to him after dinner. We love the bread pudding.

  3. My wife & I had lunch on my birthday 6/8/09 at your vista,Ca resturant.The food was great and the service was outstanding , our server Ariana #311 made us feel right at home,i had a great birthday,thank you very much and we will be back.

  4. Judy Slater I love the BBQ Ribs ! There the best. Alll the food is good, service is great. My favorite is the Bread Pudding! It’s the best in the world.

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